Show Episodes 70 – 79

No nudists were harmed in the making of these episodes.

Episode 70

The 1940’s

Simple Tomato Soup with a killer Grilled Cheese and the Gold Nugget Cake that is so good served cold on a hot summer day!



Episode 71

The 1950’s

Two classic dishes made popular in the 1950’s. One so simple, you never go canned again!



Episode 72

The 1960’s

These recipes are far out man! Not your typical munchies, but will suffice when grub for a crowd is needed.



Episode 73

The 1970’s

The 70’s brought great music, tv shows and these popular dishes!



Episode 74

Slow Cooker Witches Brew Stew

This is perhaps the cutest recipe ever! I saw it and just had to make it for Halloween!



Episode 75

Kwanzaa: Jollof Rice and Mac & Cheese

Habari Gani? This 75th episode celebrates the Karamu by offering some tasty dishes to try.



Episode 76

Peanut Brittle and Key Lime Pie

Crunchy Peanut Brittle, great for gifting and Key Lime Pie with no keys. Whaat!?!



Episode 77


A Japanese breakfast favorite I first heard about on a TV show.



Episode 78

Matzo Brei

The first of two Passover episodes. First a well-loved breakfast staple that can be sweet or savory.



Episode 79

Passover Cheesecake

This is so worth the calories!