Show Episodes 60 – 69

Lots of great recipes, but when is the cookbook coming out?

Episode 60

Habanero Hot Sauce

Great sauce…don’t miss the outtakes at the end!



Episode 61

South Africa: Bobotie and Yellow Rice

A wide variety of spices and flavors makes this a perfect dish for any meal!



Episode 62

Irish Stew, Soda Bread and Champ

Amazing stew and the bread is sooo simple even I can make it from memory…almost.



Episode 63

Mexico: Oaxacan Molé and Pinto Beans

A true taste of Mexico with this Oaxacan molé sauce and a traditional bean dish.



Episode 64

Cherries Jubilee & Bananas Foster

The New Year brings fireworks, so I thought I would bring the flambé!



Episode 65

Herb and Onion Bread

Simply simple bread! A tasty treat by itself, or an amazing addition to a sandwich.



Episode 66

Red Beans & Rice with Fried Catfish

Yeah, I made red beans and rice, but this is better! The catfish was delicious too!



Episode 67

Quinoa & Broccoli Casserole

This is one of the best things you can put in your face! No seriously…make this recipe!



Episode 68

Simple Salmon

4 ingredients – 4 ways of cooking the salmon – all delicious!



Episode 69

1930’s Depression Meatloaf and Canned Tomato Soup Cake

The start of a new series aimed at looking at foods of a certain decade. The 1930’s were a difficult time, but they gave us some interesting foods that are well known.




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