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I became a nudist in 2010 when I turned 40. Instead of going out and buying a sports car, I went to a local nude beach as I figured that would be cheaper.

Seriously though, I was at the time, big into chili cook-offs and through the list of upcoming events I read about one being held at a nearby nudist resort. I knew I enjoyed being nude at home, perhaps I would give social nudism a try. I signed up for the cook off. I may not have won in the cook off but I did gain a passion for nudism!

Fast forward ten years. I started my cooking show in February of 2020. I made the show originally for my local nudist club, Hill Country Nudists, and I got such good comments I decided to let the rest of the world, both nudist and non nudist alike enjoy my shows. I have been a huge fan of cooking shows from Graham Kerr and Jeff Smith right up to the Great British Bake Off and Alton Brown, you know…the Good Eats show.

I am a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation as well as The Naturist Society and I can truly say, nudism is for everyone! Give it a try, besides, it is cheaper than buying a sports car!